Dying to Live is a 3-month program designed to help you remember what it is you truly want from life and to guide you, step-by-step, through the process of realigning with those values.

Of course this isn’t easy work – to lean into one’s own death and face everything that arises. Then again, deep soul work is never that. It’s filled with challenges, or opportunities, for us to rise and grow beyond what we thought was possible.

For me, this work – of going inwards, to address subconscious fears, self-limiting beliefs, unhealed wounds, and unresolved issues – was sweetened, softened, and put into necessary perspective by my teachers. I feel grateful to have guidance, especially in the darkest hours of my soul’s journey. That’s why I’m incredibly honoured to be able to facilitate radical and subtle transformations through the Dying to Live Program, and offer my myself as a guide, an anchor, a sound board – but really, first and foremost, an ally and cheerleader for your growth, evolution, and healing.

Words can not express (although I shall try) how grateful I am that my soul rose with a resounding “yes” to move through this process with you. As a woman you are such a gentle force of love and as a facilitator you are fire in the most beautiful way. Thank you from the depths of my soul for guiding me though this experience-my life AND death will be better for having you a part of it.

– Marjolaine, 2018

What to expect:

  • Develop an intimate relationship to death and dying
  • Prepare for your own death
  • Get clear on what unresolved things you need to complete in different aspects of life
  • Create a 3-month plan to come to completion
  • Witness how life magically responds to your willingness to invite death into your reality

What is included:

  • A 90-minute initiation video call that you can imagine as a meditative contemplation and journey through life and death
  • Your 3-month Dying to Live vision map
  • Weekly e-mails as accountability checkpoints on what you committed to in your process
  • 6 bi-weekly video calls to go deeper into what is showing and coming up

My dear unknown friend reading this: you will die, as will I. This we cannot change. What we can do however is choose how we show up to life, and to a certain degree, how we die. That process must not be delayed, for tomorrow is uncertain. Start today, so you can be physically present for the healing ripple effect set into motion by your willingness to prepare for the inevitable. I am here to support you in every way I can.

If this program is speaking to you, then please send me an e-mail telling me a little about yourself and why you would like to do this work: