On Life & Death

Grief isn’t something one must transcend or transform. Grief just wants to be felt.

Five days ago, I saw a quote shared by @thundervoice_eagle that read: “There is no death; only a change of worlds.” (Chief Seattle) Yes, and… I instantly felt a need to expound upon this simple statement, out of fear that it, too, may be used to suppress grief by humans seeking enlightenment.

“There is no death; only a change of worlds,”
and still, if you’ve loved, you will feel loss.
If you’ve praised that which you’ve lost,
there will be grief.
It is inevitable.
And grief isn’t something
one must transcend or transform.
Grief just wants to be felt.

But of course, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds, when we are taught to be stoic (not wild), in times of chaos and turmoil and loss. Somehow, in our shared modern, colonized Western culture, loss is met with an expectation to defy it. No longer is it something that is to be honoured and revered.

We have lost our way, friends. We’ve gotten fooled by a New Age Spirituality that penetrates only the surface of teachings that have withstood human ignorance since ancient times. When we bypass the dark in search of light, we will never find the kind of grace and healing, that can only be birthed out of darkness. If your essence, your spirit, had bypassed darkness, you would not exist. There is no creation without darkness.

And so without further going into the reasons behind our human ignorance, or our need to defy loss, or our denial of death – may I just invite you to be someone who chooses to feel the grief within your heart. May you let yourself go wild in the abyss of unfelt grief – generations of unfelt grief. Do not go there alone. Please, do not go there alone, unless you are equipped to face death, and not give yourself over, in longing for that which you’ve lost.

There is community for you, to feel, to be. If you lack such a place of belonging, please reach out. You are needed in this world. And if there is any doubt in your bone about that, please reach out. Your troubles are my troubles. And though only you can remedy that which is wounded within, there is community; there is belonging; there is a home for you, here.

With Love,

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