I really enjoyed this book and learning from other women who have learned how to let go, surrender, and fall back into their own truths. inspiring, motivating, and insightful. Each women’s story has touched my heart and soul. Thank you.

This is a phenomenal book from a great group of women. You’ll find a piece of you in each of their stories.

With every page I turned my soul was nourished more and more… A brilliant book I already know I will be sharing with anyone and everyone I know…


If the words, “I just don’t think I can let this go,” have ever crossed your mind or surrendering feels more like a chain than freedom, this book has been written with you in mind. Her Art of Surrender explores the concept of surrendering from a place of power and refining of one’s heart, mind, and soul. What would happen if you just let it all go? Could this actually be the most freeing thing you could do? Would it really change your life? As you read this collection of stories written by women, just like you and me who are figuring out their way through divorce, loss, abuse, judgment, motherhood, and literally being a woman, you will find a piece of your story in their words and the courage to surrender in ways you never dreamed possible. Her Art of Surrender, a collection of stories about letting go and embracing the soul.

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