My life has been informed by a particular, but not uncommon, trouble of not feeling like I belong on Earth. While I’ve never planned to die by suicide, I have romanticized death since I was 12 years old, as a potentially better alternative to living this painful human existence.

I have lived through cancer twice as a young person, each time providing me with a deeper layer of understanding related to the conflicting trouble of not wanting to be here on some level, but really wanting to be here on another level.

While cancer has been a deep initiatory experience, I have lived through other equally life-altering experiences. I have encountered crossroads, dragons, demons, hungry ghosts; forests thick in brush and dark in demeanor, mountains taller than humanly possible to climb, time that would not pass fast enough in some parts, not slow enough in others. I have also crossed paths and been accompanied by many helpful allies and unexpected guides.

I am an alchemist, a soul midwife, a dreamer and a seer of doorways that reveal what is hidden and must come to light for deep transformation to occur. I am a ritual apprentice learning the old ways of being in relation with the Natural and Otherworld while deepening my appreciation for this Earthly one.

I have a personal vendetta against the machine called “Modernity,” and all the lies it propagates about who we ought to be, how we should look, what we must have, where we need to be in life at a certain age to be deemed worthy of existing. It brings me great joy to encourage people to be in touch with their emotions, to express their feelings, especially those they were taught to repress.

I love teaching boundaries, especially to sensitive beings. I practice and preach self-responsibility as a deep healing modality and a way to be in deeper, more intimate relation to oneself and others. One of the most beautiful things to me is witnessing two beings (or two parts of ourselves) navigate through conflict, and come out the other end with a greater sense of understanding, appreciation, and love.

I believe that every soul comes here with a unique genius, fate, and destiny. It thrills me nothing more than to encourage and mentor others in discovering, embodying, and living theirs.

Creative Collaborations

In April 2022, I partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society and filmmaker Amar Chebib to talk about my experience of living through cancer (the first time), which for me was the epitome of The Hero’s Journey (term coined by Joseph Campbell).

In 2018, I collaborated with Golden Brick Publishing House and 13 women to create a beautiful anthology book called, Her Art of Surrender.

“The stories in this book are well written and very relatable. It’s a truly inspiring book and I am enjoying reading them. I think it’s a book which every woman could learn and grow from.”

Amazon Customer Review

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